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Nothing left to chance



'Don't live the same year 75 times and call it a life'

All instructors are armed forces or emergency services personnel. Instructors have combined outdoors experience of 60 years and have operated in some of the most arduous conditions all over the world. 

All instructors have held senior positions within their respective organisations and have a range of military as well as civilian qualifications. Within their careers all instructors have led teams to successfully complete mission objectives. 

Guest Instructors:

NOMAD Mountaineering utilises a range of military and emergency services instructors, including Mountain Leaders and Combat Medics. Due to operational security (OPSEC) requirements these instructors can not be identified online; however, are available to help deliver bespoke courses. 

Nothing left to chance.



Nothing Left to Chance



NOMAD Mountaineering is proud to be pledging logistic and personnel support for March for Movember 

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